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Pod Prikritie season 1Pod Prikritie (Под Прикритие – Undercover), is a Bulgarian crime-drama TV series produced and broadcasted since 2011 on the national television BNT1. Many celebrities from television and theater were contacted and agreed to play in the series.

The first episode was aired on Sunday April 17, 2011 on BNT1 primetime and had a resounding success. The first season has 12 episodes.

The second season started November 20, 2011 and ended with the 12th episode on February 5, 2012.

Season 3 began to be filmed August 27, 2012. It’s aired from November 25, every Sunday night at 8:45 PM. The filmmakers promised us a breathtaking season !

The success of the Pod Prikritie is such that the Romanian television will start broadcasting it soon. In addition, the American company New Films International has acquired the rights to the series and intends to broadcast it soon in the United States.

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Pod Prikritie season 2

Special Agent Martin (Ivaylo Zahariev) receives the most dangerous mission in Bulgaria: infiltrate the ranks of the mafia boss Peter Tudjarov, Djaro (Michael Bilalov). To achieve his objective Martin must go through many hardships to enter the world of organized crime.

His task becomes even more complicated when he meets the bride’s boss – Sunny (Irena Milyankova). While being infiltrated and having risen through the ranks of the Mafia, Martin falls into a world of violence, corruption and crime.

“Undercover” is a modern crime drama that recreates realistic stories of organized crime in Bulgaria. The scenario of the series has established very real stories of modern life that we all discovered via the media such as gang warfare, redistribution markets, shootings in the city center, the patterns of corruption, burglary and many other interesting situations.

Viewers should be prepared for many unexpected and surprising twists. Each episode tells a story or event with a beginning and an end, but follows and develops the main story.
The veracity of the stories occurs with the help and expertise of journalist Slavi Angelov, specialized in organized crime for the 24 chasa newspaper (24 hours).

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